Business Loan Calculator

There are a number of different small business loans out on the market today. Our business loan calculator will help you choice the right business loan for your business. Finding the right loan is important to ensure you have the right amount of financing and the lowest interest rate. The business loan calculator will show the amount of interest that will be paid, which can be added to your interest expense.

Types of Business Loans Available

SBA Loans:

SBA or Small Business Association Loans provide long-term, fixed rate financing for small business. These loans can be used to acquire equipment, machinery, and/or real estate. These loans usually require a 10% down payment.

Check List For Applying For Business Loans

Have a Business Plan

  • Budget: Make sure you have an monthly budget and an annual budget. Using an excel budget template can really help.
  • Sales Projections: Using our markup calculator to determine how much you should be charging for your product or services. This will make sure your budget is inline.