Moving To Taiwan As An Expat

During the month of September I was told about a program manager role assignments that was going to be based out of Taiwan. They were looking for someone who already knew the data well.

After accepting the role I went out to tell you in Taiwan to kick off the project. This was the first time I had ever been to Taiwan. I spent a week there and was able to check out the night market and walk around the 101.

After getting back home I had three weeks to prepare for my assignment in Taiwan. This included training an individual to take over my current responsibilities as a category analyst and taking on new responsibilities as the program manager leading the project in Taiwan. This became very hectic especially as the time grew near.

After being just one week away from the start of my assignments. I had still not found an apartment to live and a car to drive. Later I found out I would be staying in a hotel for a month until they could find a place for me to stay.

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