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Amazon Short Term Call Options

Well that's a great question regarding amazon I will continue holding my shares of amazon and have been  lucky /smart/ fortunate in playing  short term call options anytime it drops like 20 or 30 points and will continue to do so
Right now I believe amazon is 1578.....and I am glad you got in
My prediction is that it will hit and bounce off 1600  a couple of times before making it through as it really doesn't care about interest rates north Korean missiles Florida flood insurance lol   etc etc ....lol
What really has worked great in the aggressive dividends play on LADR which actually went up  on its ex day when it should have at least gone down 2% but it didn't  and we picked almost a point on a 15.23 stock  since the group bought it plus it pays over 8%
I dont take credit for this one ( i never heard of it before )  as one of the most credible  members of the dividends group kept Yelling  and Yelling lol at us to make a play on it and we did and worked out fantastic ..
So hats off to Susan !!!
so again i thank a poster for their insight on this one just like the poster who turned me on BA
Right now We are in the middle of the CIM play with its ex day on 3/28 i believe

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