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Anyone using Fidelity FidSafe for storing Estate Planning digital documents? Thoughts

Has anyone tried this product and what is your opinion of it?
I wasn't even aware of it until you brought it up.  May have to investigate it a little, although I'm not sure I would want to go this type of route.
I have used it for the entire year. It is very, very convenient and free; and it appears to be safe.
I like the passwords and important documents in one location. I do not utilize it to the full potential however....maybe one day.
I do not like the fact that passwords have to be stored individually (one-by-one) rather than being able to store a master list.

I do have all of our estate planning documents stored in FidSafe.

My worry is that it's not something I use very frequently at all - having once uploaded everything to FidSafe to get started, I fear that it will get forgotten about as the years pass, especially since there is no direct connection to my Fidelity accounts/login.
You can easily store all of your passwords on a word document, save the doc to FidSafe. Keep your Fidsafe password as you would keep a spare house or car key -just don't label it -naturally. Then, if you ever need to retrieve an obscure password...it is simple and you won't forget this resource anymore than you will forget how to get into the house when you lost your keys.

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