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Are You Using Fidelity as your Bank?

I have Joint Cash Management and Brokerages accounts with my spouse. We use the Cash Management Account as a bank account and pay virtually all our bills thru Fidelity bill pay. My spouse and I both have Roth IRAs and Rollover IRAs at Fidelity. How may others here consider Fidelity to be their lead bank - we do..
Not primary. Definitely a strong #2. I cannot deposit checks at ATMs. or get some $1, $5, $10, $50 bills from Fidelity.

But for most stuff, they do a great job.
Pretty much this. Well maybe closer to a Fido = center hub (both our work place 401K, all our IRA's, plus a couple cash accounts). My wife and our joint stuff are at a CU (BECU to be exact (our pay checks are Direct Deposited here), no we don't work for Boeing). I have my personal and biz at BAC. But we channel money from both to Fido. So more of a savings hub, with a check book for an account for extraordinarily large purchases. (over $500 )

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