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Best suggestions for higher dividends?

I have various CEFs, BDCs, REITs, etc....but was wondering if there is something that I am unfamiliar with or have been unable to find yet that might have over say 6% dividend (prefer higher) that is NOT an MREIT and fairly safe in the current market. I am okay with volatility and risk to some extent but I am looking at this in a more long term scenario (prefer constantly increasing dividend even if a small percentage). Anything like this out there? I have been having to wait out my MREITs to break even and want something more stable but still a nice return if possible. Suggestions??? I plan on these being in my ROTH and Rollover IRA accounts.

ARTFX - five star fund. 6% gain YTD with about a 6% yield. 6% average lifetime return. 666 LOL. Be careful chasing yield/dividends.
Since you didn't mention them, I'll throw out MLPs. One of the best is EPD. Leading energy exporter, conservatively managed, and end to end business strategy in midstream / storage. Some tax advantages as well, but not sure how that goes with a potential new administration. Great record of quarter over quarter increases until this year, but they haven't cut the distribution this year either.

HTGC is good BDC. Maintained the dividend through the 2008 / 2009 crisis through last quarter. Recently started issuing a few special dividends of .01 or .02 a share as well. Focused on technology, healthcare, and life sciences businesses, which should be pretty resilient sectors IMHO.

Both are in the ~9 - 10% yield range. I think both are on sale as well.

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