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Calling all 60+ year olds...what's your asset allocation?

My wife and I are 62 and retired this year.
Here's my current mix and target mix. Not expecting to match my target 100%.  I will stay invested stocks and use the bonds/cash to help ride out the market downs. The cash on hand will be used to purchase stocks/ETFs/Mutuals I have checked out. Timing the market, agree you will lose, but buying on the dips adding to existing holdings and buying new positions is being smart.
Note: I will not own annuities. That could be another discussion thread.

I am 60 years old and I presently have a 65/35 mix in my after tax accounts.   I am slowly moving it to a 60/40 allocation.    The 40% will be allocated to 30% bonds and 10% cash.  I plan to retire in the next year or so.
I don't plan on using any of my pre tax account money until I am 70 1/2.   For the next 9 years I will need to sell some of my after tax assets to live on while my pre tax account money grows.   I want to be able to delay selling my stocks in the years the stock market is down.   Consequently, I look at my allocation in terms of the number of years I can delay selling stocks, if necessary.    I want at least 5 years of living expenses in cash and bonds.   With the dividends I receive from my mix I can probably last 6-7 years without selling stocks.   During good years in the stock market, I will sell some of my stock to maintain the allocation.
Equities 48%

Fixed Inc 29%

Cash/Equiv 23%
I am 62 and have never owned bonds . have always been fully invested in equities since I started my retirement. I just ride out the ups and downs . I think I have around 10% over the past 10 years as per the fidelity reports.. I think the key to having some money in individual bonds is if you are going to need any cash right away and need to sell something like today. otherwise if you are not drawing down from your retirement funds then why bonds?
I'm 65 and have a couple of money pools. Stocks/Bonds/Other/Cash for retirement is 60/15/20/5 and investment 90/0/8/2. I've been aggressive throughout my life and now is not the time to let up on the gas pedal. My view is forward and don't have a rear view mirror. This has worked for me and mine but each to his own.
wow, I am 50, early retired and I probably have the most conservative allocation on this thread:
Individual Muni/Corporate Bonds: 71%
Deep Covered Calls: 11%
Equities: 16%
Cash: 2%
We are 71 and 72 and have been pretty conservative. By luck, found I was about 75% equity a few years ago when I first switched to Fido, and had the benefit of looking with Full View.

Lately have been resisting the urge to increase equities -- "animal spirits" to be avoided.

We are:

Domestic Stock 45% [3/20/2018: now drifted to 49%; = 65% equity]

Foreign Stock 16%

Bonds 19%

Short Term 18% [down to 15%]

Unknown 1%

We have not been more x-US, because about 50% of SP500 revenue and profit is already x-US!

[although the valuations may be more attractive x-US]

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