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Compounded Dividend Reinvesting

(12-21-2018, 02:24 PM)LaDeeDa Wrote: The mutual fund (and probably ETF charts should include effect of fees as well - so I assume there is a way to check whether individual stocks and mutual funds being displayed in the same system do or do not show the bottom line total return?

While what you suggest would be nice, it is not going to work in practice. For commissions, the effect of a commission will be much different if you are buying $1000 of the fund vs $100,000 of the fund. Further, different people would pay different commissions by virtue of having different brokers and maybe other factors.
For loaded funds, the graph could presume everybody paid the standard load. But then it would be very time-dependent. In other words, it would show the effect of having bought it 10 years ago, for example.  If you suppose a 5% load fund, you could just look at the chart that shows the value of an initial $10,000 investment and pretend it shows the value of an initial $10,526 investment.
Besides, you were probably not going to buy a listed loaded fund, were you? People get sold loaded funds, but I doubt that too many click Buy to acquire the fund these days. So if you are comparing vs a loaded fund, chances are that the load money is already gone. You are looking at whether to sell and move to something else. So what you paid in load originally should not affect your decision.
Many non-listed investments would have loads. These can  be worthwhile in handling special cases. But the charts are not going to apply to them.
Actually I had in mind the fees included in the expense ratio rather than the commissions.

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