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Current CD rates through Fidelity

Wow, the action on short term CD's through Fidelity is phenomenal.
I am due for a rollover of my 6 month CD's and followed the fixed income path to renew since I do not sign up for auto rollover.
I initially settled for some 1.55% CD's but as I tracked them through just today, they changed significantly.
The next set a few hours later showed a 5 month duration for 1.6%.
Another hour and a half brought another offer for 1.65% with a full 6 month duration.
I initially thought this was too good to be true as it matched the 9 month duration.
When I discovered this offer, it was thousands of CD's @ $1000 per CD.
I checked just before closing and there were #6 remaining.
I think that page was more active than today's market, just kidding.
Hi......I, too, am very happy with CD purchases through Fidelity. As part of my IRA plan, parking some cash, I have just been buying 1 year or 13 month CD's since rates are going up. I have built my own CD ladder so every other month a 10K CD comes due. Very easy.....in other words, Sweeeeeeet !
+0.1%/year on $10,000 for 6 months is $5.
The CD crowd would never go that high, the insurance stops at $250,000 or $500,000 for a joint account. So let’s call it $250 compensation at most for all that messing around.
For the vast majority of the money I have allocated to CD's, I currently prefer a 5-year ladder. I want to target the CDs to exceed inflation overall. Inflation will probably be running about 2% in the near term.

Short term CDs are likely to lose out to inflation (but may be an alternative versus 100% in a money market).

With a 5-year ladder, as the 1-year CD matures, it can be replaced with a 5-year CD. After 5 years, all of the CD's are really 5-year CD's earning 5-year rates, with one maturing every year.

I would not now go further than about 5-years, because I think that there may be better rates later.

Perhaps someday we will return to having short-term rates exceed inflation by ~2%, but we are nowhere near that now.

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