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Did anybody have the nerve to buy the dip?

Everybody that has  money on the sidelines did they put any to work the last few days.  Buy low sell high or when their is fear in the eyes.. Well the last two days we sure had fear.  I wonder how much Buffet brought.  I personally brought all of 5 shares of  (amzn) yesterday.  I find it very hard to do,  Did anybody take advantage of it?
I did, went to a meeting and came back and the bottom had fallen out on me.  Not worried at all though...
I bought a little, mostly a few more shares of index funds. Just deployed some of the money that I did not get deployed on the dip earlier this year.
I did some buying. Mostly up, with a couple minor thuds, but I'm good! Cool
Yes, bought $ALL, $LYB, $LH, $CYBR and sold puts on $INTC, $ALL, etc. Did not get them at the very bottom but you never can.
No.  A coward.
Tax loss selling, I tell myself. 
But not overdone, no panic.
I bought some ETFs, which had no commission.  I based my purchases on ones that had a positive price performance, prior to this week.  I did not buy a lot, but thought I would commit to getting out of cash.  Currently I have 50% in cash.
Do any of you use the VXX as an offset to the decreasing market.  So far this year that is my most profitable trade.  When it is low I put in a bid with a % trailing stop loss.  When it executes, sometimes it goes up further and keeps going, sometimes it bombs.  But, when it keeps going, like on Wednesday, I was able to get a 15% profit.
I would be interested in other people's handling of this volatile market.
To me... OK, the Dow and S&P500 have dropped back to where they were at the end of July... about about 2 1/2 months ago.  The market moves down very fast.  Big deal.  On downturns, it almost always has.  If you listen to the newscasters and talking heads, you would think the world is coming to an end.   That i how they capture eyeballs which is are what makes money for their employers.    
Because I have already retired, I don't have a stash of new money going into the market with each paycheck. 
As far as I know (Sears aside) most of America is going to wake up on Monday and go to work.  Companies are still going to be making stuff and selling it at a profit.  If I had money out of the market to invest, I guess I would be buying as normal.  I have a couple of years of net expenses in cash so that I don't have to worry about  market ups and downs.  The rest just stays in the market because I believe that businesses in general will prevail.
Everybody has their own style.  I really don't try to time moving into and out of the market because I know I would get one or both of them wrong.  If you are going to try to time the market, probably better to enter when the market is down. 
Not to pick on you but personally I cannot tell you why AMZN deserves to be priced at 136x their TTM earnings but there are a whole lot of people that think it does.  Probably almost everybody but me.  Then again, since I own an SP500 ETF,  I guess I own enough AMZN already.      
Yes, bought more VYM, more PKG, and added RVSB.
Also took advantage of the downturn to move 500 shares of AT&T from my traditional IRA to my ROTH IRA. Used the savings to pay most of the Federal and State income taxes. Now the dividends are protected as are any future capital gains.
I like down days for multiple reasons. Those are just two of the reasons.
Not me. Have a bunch of cash on the side, but waiting to pull the trigger vs Ready, Fire, Aim proposition today. Will probably wait to do much until after mid terms. If one of the chambers changes majority, it is going to be a new ball game. If they both change, Donnie is going to experience some Obama moments. I don't think he will do well with it.

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