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Did anybody have the nerve to buy the dip?

Do you mean the nerve to buy the dip, or the stupidity?  That would be me.
I always keep half of my money in cash when the market is at or near historic highs.  And, I like to buy stocks after the market goes down, not when it goes up every day for months.
So, Wednesday, I bought 10 shares of Amzn below 1800, and 200 of V, 100 of Oxy, 100 of Has, plus added to M and Amd, all near the lows of the day.
Yesterday, I added another 10 of Amzn under 1700, another 100 of V down 4-5, another 100 of Oxy down 3, plus bought 750 of Key at an average of 19.30.  Was also in and out of Dis based on wide price swings.
Today, I sold V, up 4-5, bought 750 more of Key, at an average of about 18.60, bought another 100 of Has at 97.75, added to GM and Tup near the lows, bought Txmd at an average of about 5.49 and added to Bgcp at 10.78.  I also bought 150 of Fcx at 12.67.  I was also in and out of Ed.  And sold half of Amd.
Aren't you glad you asked?
The media and analysts will scare you to death, but inflation number this week was lower than expected, so Powell will find a way to reassure the market that he is not going to raise rates unexpectedly or too quickly.  Trump needs to cut a deal with China, before the midterms to avoid a potential impeachment process, and China needs to cut a deal to avoid disaster.  Tonite Christine Lagarde publicly stated that there needs to be a deal to maintain financial stability in Europe (remember Brexit?) and that the two sides must talk.  And CEOs are giving weaker future earnings guidance.
So, the pressure is on for progress.  As Kevin O'Leary on CNBC said, yesterday, if there is a deal with China, "Katy bar the door."  Love him or hate him, Trump is a deal maker.  This is going to happen soon.  Just my guess.

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