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Dividend Stocks instead of Bonds

What are your thoughts on dividend stocks vs bonds. Certainly, dividend stocks pay better than bonds right now. I was watching a google talk by Donald Yacktman that pointed this out.
I think both dividend stocks and bonds have their place for any investor. I don't normally invest in bonds very often, but three years ago an opportunity presented itself for a bond purchase that was too good to pass up......so I bought into a foreign 10 yr treasury note paying interest twice a year and with the interest I am reinvesting in a variable rate bank investment which over the lifetime of the bond should result in an 18% or more yield to maturity.
Stocks currently pay MORE than honds??! Well.,..at least more than SOME Treasurys. Take a look at hi-grade, medium quality and junk

bonds. Take a look at hundreds of bond mutual funds and ETFs. Comparing the uncertain dividend cash flows from risky equities that live at the bottom of the capital stack. -- below preferreds and debt --- versus the absolutely certain coupon cash flows from Treasurys leads to some pretty bizarre conclusions.

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