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Does anyone have clarity on RMD suspension for 2020?

Does anyone have clarity on RMD suspension for 2020? I understand this has been done before. What about RMD already taken?
Interesting. New to me. I would not count on it happening, but if it does, I would want to know before April 15 for the state estimated tax payment.
I don't see the logic, however. It does the opposite of getting spending money circulating.
What about RMD you've taken so far in 2020 ? - Article says you may only have 60 days to put $ back into IRA if you have taken some RMD so far this year. I hope that is not the case, and the 60 day requirement is extended, or they come up with some other way to alleviate taxation of RMD's taken so far.
I am in that situation. Fidelity told me that in 2009, RMD was suspended. IRS allowed the entire calendar year to reverse the RMD already already taken.
I read this that you can take 0% of your RMD instead of the normal 100%.
- Can one elect to take something in between, like for a Qualified Charitable Distribution?
- Does conversion of some $ to a Roth still require first taking 100% of your RMD?

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