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Everyone says wait until 70 1/2 to start Social Security,but what if they run out of

I would always wait until 70 1/2 unless you have reason to believe you will not live beyond about 77.  Do not worry about changes to SS as Congress will fund it.  Any changes made, and there MUST be some changes, will not impact anyone already receiving SS and most likely anyone even close to being eligible to receive SS.
Attached is a great article on how to decide when to take SS and it is not written by someone trying to sell something:
This one number can mislead you when claiming Social Security
In my case the plan is to take mine at 70 and have my wife take hers at 66. The thought being that actuarily she will live several years after I pass. She would then get the higher (mine) of the 2 SS which would be about 1200 more a month for my wife.

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