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First credit card for a 20 year old?

Frankly between Paypal and daughter's bank account, we've done just fine for the last 3 years. But some many things would just be easier on us, with her 100 miles away - just for her to have a credit card.
1) We don't want this to be under or on one of our current cards.
2) See 1 above, it will be her card, but we will "back" it if necessary.
3) Want a credit card, not a debit card.
4) Some kind of limit. $500 or $1000 or something quite low.
I have not even shopped yet, so I am freely admitting I am asking here first. 
She's an adult...I thought she is ready for the real world?
Sorry for the hard Love.  But making excuses for your child and pacifying the youngster makes for a delayed development...per the philosophy of Al.
If she wants a card...let her get a card on her own accord  (why are you involved beyond guidance?)  My wife would say 'quit butting in' as it is her decision, her card and her responsibility.
Good luck with your decision.
I think you don't understand - my job teaching her to deal with people might be done and she has some leaderships skills I had not seen, she is not financially viable yet. She is a full time student. We are paying for her college. The card is mainly for emergencies - like the car and such. She has a debit card which she uses for food.
Making excuses? She just turned 20. She is pretty darn mature, and she is showing good people skills and does not party, but I never ever once mentioned her financial status. Perhaps there is a card she could qualify for. Thanks
I did not intend to sound offensive as I was speaking from my personal context of nurturing. Both of my Sons were on a budget starting in ninth grade. Their expected expenses for the year was summed and presented quarterly into their bank account. (They did earn these funds by doing odd jobs in our business -from go-for and on to pick-up and deliveries. Their salary was based on their budget needs...there were bonus opportunities as well). Their expenses included everything from school lunches, clothes and even presents for birthday celebrations that they attend. We gave it a 15% fudge factor, but that was it. Initially, they would brown bag it if they were broke before the end of the quarter. The end result...both boys are extremely successful, purchased their first home in their mid-20s in expensive locales (West Palm and Seattle). Further, they had thanked me for the practical lessons of those early days. btw...by their junior year in HS, they actually had some surplus for the latest and great computer games, prom dinners, etc.

We all do the nurturing differently, but setting the limits end expectations are the starting point. I think a debit card would be most appropriate until a pattern of spending is established. ..you can't spend it if you don't have it. Good luck.
It's all good. She is pretty decent at budgeting - and she has some buffer - but we worry for online and maybe car or larger expenses for the safety of using a debit card. She has a real distaste for debt, I can tell you that much but lacks knowledge on finer points of investing and putting money to work. And let me point out, she is not some clothes and jewelry hound as are many/most of her contemporary females (and males!!) Yes kids are different. She has limits and expectations - again not sure why you think she doesn't (??)

I did not think of a Discovery card. I will look at that, keeping an open mind.

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