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Fund Closed to New Investors

What is your best fund that has been closed to new investors.
Even though the fund is closed it can still be harvested for new ideas;
One of my three Funds FCPGX just got closed to new investors.     This does not surprise me;
If a fund grows too big (attracts too much capital) it loses its ability to function
---its cannot execute its strategy
---It might move the market with money flow
I have sort of noticed that some of "the best funds" I have identified for potential buys tend to be closed to new investors.
That where a tool such as "trading baskets" or "Motif" would really be useful.
Here Morningstar is showing you what the fund added in the near-past.   I think this is really useful in finding new ideas.
POAGX, which has become my largest, and favorite, fund.
FDGRX and OAKIX. I moved some out of FDIVX to OAKIX just before OAKIX was closed, and have subsequently bought more. Glad I did. FDGRX I've been in ' forever.'
JATTX is my main "closed after I was inside" holding.  I'm amazed (and saddened) by the number of Fidelity low cap funds that have closed, but I understand the logic.
Since they are closed "to new investors" if you have a friend who has some shares, perhaps he could transfer a few to you to get you inside the door.
RPMGX which closed to new investors several years ago. I have owned it for over 22 years. My average annual return as of Friday (5-11) was 12.22%. (TRowe Price website updates returns on one's holdings everyday, both total and by holding.) It is my largest mutual fund holding.
Some of the harvest from these funds;  I am looking for the special sauce of those funds (stocks to consider and take a look at; I just bought a single stock from the list, and I did so in a tiny amount..)
Synchrony Fin
Boston Scientific
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals <-just added a tiny tiny bit,, I call it a placeholder, I buy a small amount so I can track it.
Evelo Bio
Nektar - has buys and sells, with one fund selling and the other buying
I am glad to get into these funds before they closed:
- RPMGX - TRP MidCap Growth
- POAGX - Primecap Odyssey Aggresive Growth
- PRIDX - TRP International Discovery
- PRWCX - TRP Capital Appreciation ****** The Best ******
- GPGOX - Grandeur Peak global reach

I was unable to get into TRMCX (TRP Mid Cap Value fund before they closed in 2010), but then I cannot complain, as I was fortunate to get into others.

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