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GE: to hold it or to sell it?

I have 300 shares of GE and feel bad to see it dropping. Should I sell all stocks or hold tthem for the time being? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
Yeah, know where you are. I have nearly 1900 shares and have the same question. Fortunately that is a very small part of the portfolio, so I don't feel a lot of pressure, but I don't enjoy losers either. My near-term answer is to hang on. The stock still pays a dividend, whether or not you reinvest it. For me, it is such a small position, I'm willing to let it play out. To me, after today's news about turbine problems, there is no place to go but up. We'll see. I'm patient, but not to a fault. I give them 6 months to right the ship. If not. I'll take my small losses.
I have more then 10,000 shares at lot higher price.  I believe you will have to give 2-3 years for it to come back. It pays some dividend and is small part of my portfolio. i will ride it for now but will not put new money in to it.
Almost all the sellers are gone and it should hang out around 13. It takes a long time to turn around an air craft carrier. I will hang on because of the dividend and cross my fingers...
Sell it if you prefer not to feel bad again. No single stock should affect your emotional and physical health.
I bought a small amount of Caterpillar and GE on the same day, just before the fall. The mistake I made was the Cat was for my daughters account and the GE was for me.
I was driving around in Warren or Barrington, RI last Saturday morning - the SUV in front of me had RI license GE-1. Anyone know who that might be? This is about 50 mi. from the GE HQ in Boston and it would be a little farther north to the giant factory in Lynn, MA. Maybe no connection, just made me curious.
Please check what portion of your portfolio GE represents.  If it is small enough by your judgement, then let the position run its course.

300 shares of GE is less than $3,800 in today's market.  So, I would assume it is not a significant part of your portfolio.  If you hold the stock in a taxable account, and in the event GE goes significantly down, you can sell and harvest the tax loss.

GE's current market cap is $107.682 Billion.  This represents about 8.64 Billion outstanding shares.  By looking at these numbers, it seems like there are a fair number of investors still believing that there might be recovery to normal levels.
GE is going to move forward. There is a deal in the works with WAB and it's either 5:1 or 9:1 for every share of GE you own, you will then own WAB come January 2019. I sense that the rail transportation systems will pick up and we will begin to have really nice high speed like-eurorails. It's all part of the infrastructure planning. It would be nicer if somehow they could do this with geothermal power.
I have looked into my crystal ball.
The Real Question For GE Is "How Much Money Do You Have"? If Your Portfolio Is Relatively Small, Sell It You Already Have It, And If You Don't Own It, Avoid It. However, If Your Financial Position Is Large, Holding Existing Shares, And Even Adding Shares On Weakness, May Be A Prudent Long-Term Strategy. Also, Age Is A Factor. If You're Young, A Small Position Could Be Fruitful, But If You're Elderly, You May Expire Before GE Becomes Profitable. The Strange Thing About "Crystal Balls", Is That No One Really Has One. Dollar Bill, Arlington, TN.

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