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Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio

Does anyone out there invest this way: 25% equities, 25% long-term UST bonds, 25% gold, 25% cash? If so what have been your results and findings, both very short term (YTD) and long-term.? There is empirical evidence to support it and I would like to hear from real-life practitioners.
25% Gold? That is just nuts.

Who is Harry Browne?
I'm with you norabird. I would never buy gold. It's like cryptocurrency. Doesn't produce anything, Can't buy anything with it. Need I say more?

If you believe in the whole end of the world scenarios out there, then buy lead and not gold. You can use lead to fashion it into bullets that fit nicely in a handgun. Then you can turn lead into gold in a hurry!!!!!

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