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How are you managing (or did you manage) your debt situation?

Chances are that you or someone you know found themselves in debt somewhere along life's journey. For some, its a short term means to goal or phase in life. For others, trying to become debt-free can be like trying to climb out of a hole that's only getting deeper.
Regardless of whether current or a thing of the past, please consider sharing your experiences managing your debt situation.  Details that might help community members better understand your scenario might include:
  • How much debt you currently have or had?
  • The methods you've used to reduce your debt, as well as what did/didn't work well
  • What lessons did you learn along the way that you wish you had known earlier?
Help your fellow community members to potentially generate ideas or learn better methods to manage and hopefully reduce their debt by including as much detail your comfort level will allow.

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