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How does your Home factor in your Real Estate investment?

Greed and Fraud are everywhere where there is money at stake. I don't think it takes a great deal of expertise to find good RE to invest in, no more than it does to find good equities. I would say it takes determination and an open mind to expand ones horizons beyond just the local area that one lives in....if I hadn't done that, I probably would not have had any investment properties.

I recently found an opportunity in the NE of Brazil, a distance of about 1800 miles from where I live. It was a complete turnkey investment with a projected net yield of 18-20% plus appreciation of the property....the investment total incl. closing costs and furnishings was US$119K for 2/2 unit. It is a condo project designed for short term rentals with management team on site to handle everything including paying the bills, cleaning and rental reservations, in which the costs was included in the net expected return and they deposit your money in your account.....every unit had an ocean view and the area has year round tourists due to the very warm weather year round in that area........I snoozed a little too long....all the units sold out fairly quickly...I found this one through an invest overseas news letter I read on regular basis.....something like this would have also provided a nice vacation spot I could use once in while. It doesn't take a lot other than doing your homework like you would with any other investment.

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