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I Love Gold -- am I alone?

Call me crazy, but I'm old enough to remember debt-induced stagflation during the 70's, and the country's feeling about the same to me now!  Gold was a great place to be that decade...maybe the next one too??  Dalio, Carlin, Greenspan, and others seem to think so.  What about you?  If you have a better idea for protection from our country's massive debt load, I'll do that too.
I love gold too, and sometimes I like it for insurance, but I don’t think it’s an investment.
I also love silver, lead, copper, iron, tin, zinc……platinum, palladium…..
I agree. I spend way too time time on the Federal Reserve's database "https://fred.stlouisfed.org/" , and always come away with the same feeling that it's a good time to be insured.
I bought some physical gold a few years back along with physical silver. Like katthjul, do not think it an investment. For me, it was a silly end times thing, but I am glad they are in the safes, actually split the stash. Got the silver for small purchases and to make change. Not sure my teeth can handle biting off a small piece of a gold American Eagle. Works in the movies, but would rather avoid it.
OK, lets play out the end times scenario.
How does walking around with your gold nugget help improve your way if life in a post nuclear world?
Seriously, I don’t get this at all. In any scenario.
Actually physical silver is decent priced currently, relatively speaking, Buy at least one 100 oz bar, just so you can feel the heft and store that baby in your safe. The rest can be silver eagles all the way down to mint rounds. I like silver.
Gold has no more secure value than a individual country's economic situation. I see gold as a short term investment play based on investor's sediment regarding the market.
So unless you have gold bullion buried some where, there is no value play here. Your better off investing in something that has a long term growth perspective.
Most Germans buy gold as they believe it is a safe investment. Funny how the value of Gold goes UP and down. So it still relies on your ability to know when to get in and GET OUT!!!!!!
Sorry if I have offended anyone.
IF gold was an efficient inflation hedge, you could count on it to return to return 2% or 3% or maybe even 4% per year over the next few.......   But you can do better than that with one hand tied behind your back.  On the other hand, if you believe specs and hedge funds can run it up with a good loud story amplified by algos, take a flyer.  But 1) don't forget to sell it (that's WHY you bought it) and 2) don't limit yourself to gold and don't limit yourself to being only long --- there are commodities being  run up and down all the time: soybeans, corn, wheat, crude oil, gasoline, natural gas, etc.  You don't have to wait for gold to catch some attention.
Data shows that stocks are the best inflation hedge.  But my concern is stagflation; in the past, stocks just bounced around and went nowhere while gold preserved purchasing power.  You seems to be data driven, like me, so if I'm wrong and you can show me why, I'll listen.  I'd really like to get "this" right.
I used to love gold GLD specifically. Accumulated some at its peak and then caught the falling knife  and accumulated more. Now, sitting on dead investment with no returns and huge loss.... Gold has lost its luster in my eyes now....

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