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Monthly dividend income?

I own Fidelity High Income fund (SPHIX) and Pimco Dynamic (PDI) for monthly distributions, any other recommendations
Depends if you need tax free or not. I have held JPS for many years and it has worked out well. Also one of the best REITs is O. Good luck
If you own your own dividend stock, you do not pay anything to others except taxes. The dividends are all yours. I use Fidelity screening to pick the stocks and mostly reinvest the dividends. I now have 73 high dividend, small companies for diversity, and I keep each one under $20,000. This has been my successful plan for over 30 years.
I used to own both SPHIX and PDI but I sold them after I reevaluated my holdings. Would not buy them because they don't fit my requirements for an investment for the long haul.

For monthly income you might want to consider GAIN and/or MAIN. Buy on the dips. Others that may be worthy of consideration are PFF and O.

Monthly income is nice, but don't get too set in that mindset. You might want to consider more of a dividend growth approach even if the payments are quarterly. Examples: VYM, DGRO, DVY.

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