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Need to do a Roll Over of 25% of our assets.

The new Trend and Volatility are NOT my friend.
Any ideas on a 401k transfer from an Empowerment Retirement account to another company sponsored Fido 401k?
Wife has been told they will issue a check to the new account, not in her name, that she deposits to the new account.
This is a qualified RollOver.
With Mr Market tanking/recovering slightly on a day to day/week to week basis, what's the best way to accomplish this?
If you have other assets in cash/fixed income, maybe move some of them temporarily into equities while the check is in the mail?
If you receive the check, maybe you would want to hand carry it to your brokerage office to speed things up.
If you are approaching retirement and do not have a portion of your assets in cash/fixed income, maybe decide what your asset allocation should be before doing anything else?
I would look at things on a wholistic basis (your assets, her assets, joint assets).
Not bad advice, thanks.

I do have a serious Cash position that could fill the gap.

Whether that is up or down, I could allocate it into some market ETF's while hers is in transit.

And I wouldn't have to commit to full coverage.

Maybe cover 50% if there is a melt up or continued melt down.

The check will be hand delivered to Fido as soon as it's in hand.

I'm not comfortable losing that amount of Market exposure while she transfers the funds.

Yeah, the more I contemplate, the more I like it.

Others are welcome to respond.

Thanks again.
Perhaps you might be better off with the funds not invested for the next 30-60 days. One cannot lose money on non invested funds.

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