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Park my cash in TFLO or SHV?

Figured I am done buying for the year(may sell some loosers before the end of the year) and with cash still in my account, do any of you kind people have any opinions on where I should "stash my cash" for a few months(or longer)?  I'm thinking of TFLO or SHV.  Anyone have any preference and why?  Or is there a better place?
Have you considered buying 3-6 month Treasury, or brokered-CDs, new issues or secondary market?
I am comfortable with Fidelity® Government Cash Reserves, FDRXX, whose 7-Day Yield is 1.87%, or, for more than $100,000, Fidelity® Money Market Fund - Premium Class, FZDXX, whose 7-Day Yield is 2.11%.

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