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Purchasing T-Bills

I set up a T Bill ladder and have been buying T Bills in $10K increments for the last 4 months.
Yesterday one of my T Bills matured and I wanted to buy a 1 year T Bill and for the first time it said I had to buy a minimum of 50K ???
I tried a number of different maturities and the same thing.
Perhaps you could consider a CD or a 1 year JNJ corporate?

or a six month Treasury Zero new issue.
The “Results” page lists the best yield and the required minimum purchase. Go to the “Depth of Book” to see the yield for other minimums and you can place your order there.

If I need to order through the “Depth of Book”, I would try first to put a limit order to match the best yield.
I have no preference on where to purchase my T-bills. I have done both. I will summarize the pros and cons here:

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