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Putting rental properties in an LLC

Just double checking.  My father has several rental properties in an LLC.  His state allows a TOD (transfer upon death) of the LLC to his heirs, to be divided equally.  They receive a step up in cost basis at the time of his death.  This all sounds fine to me and that it should avoid probate.  His personal residence has a TOD as well.  Am I missing anything?
Sounds good to me, but I would check the tax law in your state to be sure.
Spouse (and eventual trust) had rental properties in an LLC as does daughter. Liability was given as the reason. Both properties are in Georgia.
The LLC is definitely a good thing for liability. But in my case, if my dad passed, it would have gone into probate (in his state) if not for the transfer upon death. That is similar to having a beneficiary listed on a financial account.

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