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REITS for Retirement

What do you"all think about REITS for retirement income. 20% of my account is in REITS. I own O, SPG, STOR, WPC, EPR, and STAG. Any thoughts?
I like them for pre-retirement income as well....
I have 6% in REITs and 7% in Utilities. I really like Utilities for income and will be adding once they start correcting. I also like REITs, but think you need to be a little more attentive to credit quality, leverage, cost of capital and economic sensitivity.

For example, I've exited Healthcare REITs with exposure to skilled nursing as fundamentals deteriorated. I've exited REITs with exposure to rental housing and commercial office space as rents started to peak in the regions where they operate.

I remain long CUBE, EXR, COR, CONE, DLR, PLD (self-storage, data centers, industrial).
I have nearly 10% in REIT, but through passive ETFs (VNQ/VNQI/pimix). I hold these for ongoing income - hopefully with YoY increase.
I only own one REIT (MPW) and it is in my Roth account to keep taxes at a minimum and although I don't need or use the income for retirement, I do like owning quality assets that are going to grow both with price appreciation and a good dividend. REIT's definitely can provide good retirement income, but I stress the point of buying good quality assets, therefore, with that you will get good quality income.....do not chase the dividends just because they may be high......Buy Quality.

Having owned this REIT now for 37 months, I have not been disappointed with a total cumulative return of 82.25%.

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