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Selling Put Options When Underlying is Bull or Bear

If you haven't already tried, you may consider the following steps to find high-IV options for good stocks.

1. Run your option screen to select high-IV results. Download the result to an excel (using export data)

2. Run your stock selection screen to select good stocks. Download the result to another excel.

3. Create an new spreadsheet. Import both the results from 1 and 2 into separate sheets. Use the VLOOKUP or other excel formula to join the two tables and find the intersecting combination.

Step number 3 is an one-time work. Steps 1 and 2 can be repeated every time you want to do a new search. The name of the download files stay the same. So as long as you are downloading them in the same location of your local machine, you can simply use the "Refresh Data" function of your own excel, get the 2 files imported, and get a new set of candidate stocks.

If you haven't considered this, and would like some help with the exact steps. I can create the steps with screenshots and formula and share out in my reply.

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