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Shifting your investment focus to Capital Preservation

I am 85 and live a very active life. I live on a lake and work out 4 times a week with rather substantial weights. That is the way to stay independent. Today after much study of the market market I do not see any reason to stay in. Although there is good argument to diversify I believe in the verbiage that the waters rise all boats rise and vice versa. I believe we are now on the major cusp of a correction finally and we may see up t o a 50% correction. I WENT TO CASH FOR A FEW MONTHS. Over the past month we are getting strong indicators of a coming correction and for a while get on the side lines. You can lose your gains quickly in a few days which took you over a year to make. I have been there also and in 2008 I immediately went to cash and saved $2,000,000 from disappearing , but being available when the market came back.

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