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Should I consume my Estate? Why?

I was watching Bloomberg a few days ago and an analyst/guest made the observation/lament that many retirees were not even touching their nest eggs, but accumulating even more.  He fretted over the effect on the economy and felt that more education was needed so that retirees might live and enjoy life better.  It seems we have a duty to consume our wealth before we go.
I am wondering if any in this forum has an active plan to consume your Estate and what your guidelines are,   I know about the 4% rule etc..and I get that for some it's a necessity.  I really want to hear from people who are executing this approach voluntarily and why (you enjoy giving, the lifestyle, the tax benefits, etc)..
Full disclosure, I will have more when I die than I do right now.. I live well but my wife and are frugal by almost any definition (and enjoy being so) .. I invest for my kids, grand-kids, and eventual charities, and because I enjoy investing more than most other forms of entertainment.  So for me, a case for running down my assets would mean bigger distributions to my kids and to charities.  With holding from my kids is part of their life learning (in the near term), but I can see the benefit of giving more to charities while I'm alive (I get to enjoy the thank yous and see results)..
Would appreciate some viewpoints on this.  Thanks in advance.

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