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Social Security Optimization

I am trying to figure out if my wife takes early social security distribution at 62 will affect her taking spousal social security later on when I am ready to retire.   My wife is a few years older than me and earns a lot less than me.   I still have 8 more years before I get to full retirement age.    My wife can start taking early social security distribution next year.   I know if she takes early social security distribution, her benefit will be reduced by 30%.    Will that affect her ability to draw spousal distribution 8 years later?   Will she be able to still get 50% of spousal based on mine?   Or will her spousal benefit be reduced when she switches to spousal benefit later?
I saw something that said the Medicare increases - which will only be published in November - are limited versus what they would otherwise be. I believe this was part of recent legislation to continue funding the government for a couple of months. No one knows what the increase would have been without this (or with this) due to Covid.

Sorry, I cannot find a link to this news story. I recall the increase was to be limited to 25% of what it otherwise would be, but I also now see this story Social Security cost-of-living increase to nudge up benefits 1.3% in 2021

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