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"T" short term pain or gain ?

ATT is my only communication stock and keeps me in line with the Dow Jones Average according to FFF's  analysis feature.  5% dividend doesn't cover the the losses.  I'm too old to wait too long for recovery at present rate.  Does anyone have a better suggestion in this sector or should I hold on for long term?
I, too, am losing patience with this vaunted Widows and Orphans stock.  Like you, it fills a gap in my communications sector, but I am at a loss is to why I have lost so much ground as it continues its fall in an up market.  I have VZ in my brokerage and it is performing per my expectations as a reliable income generator.  I am waiting for the dividend payout and then going to pull the trigger and roll the money into ITOT.   Following T developments on a Yahoo article I find a huge number of comments about how poor their customer service is and how bad they treat their employees as they continue to offshore call center work.  I will not continue to keep a holding in a company that treats its employees and customers so shabbily.  Sounds like the bean counters are running this ship into the ground. 
I put a stop loss on this one.  It executed 2 or 3 weeks ago, and now I have bought back in.  I had gains that I didn't want to lose, but I do like the dividend.
How about an etf to stay in communications sector?  FCOM  is free for fidelity members (unless you sell in less than 30 days, then they charge a transaction fee).  I have T and it is not fun seeing it drop everyday, but I am going to give it a year or so.

Best of luck!
I can't stand watching t go down while others say to keep for the dividend. Price is still going down!  Is it due to mergers? investment in infrastructure? or is the stock it's self broken ???
my portfolio is well balanced:
  • Tech      24%

  • finance  17%

  • Con cyc 13%

  • health    14%

  • Industrial 10%

  • con def     8%

  • real est     6%

  • utility        4%

  • communication  4%

  • Basic materials  2%

  • Energy     0%

  • Cash & CDs in another acct.
Here's what you should do:
Make believe you had the cash and not the T stock.
Now answer the question, "What do I do with this money"
-If you answer "I think T is a good investment now" then keep your T.
-If any other answer, Then sell it and invest elsewhere. Try to do this free of bias and emotion.
Also keep in mind that if you sell you have a capital gains tax loss - if that applies to your situation.

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