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Vanguard CDs - Slim Pickings

I have a CD maturing later this month and was looking at replacing it at Vanguard or Fidelity( Read: Best Vanguard Funds To Invest In)
I found that in the maturity range of 5 to 11 months, Vanguard currently has only ONE new-issue CD available (versus about 30 different ones listed at Fidelity). Considering all maturities, Vanguard had only 28 new-issue CDs while Fidelity has 135.
I had not noticed such a big difference before, so maybe something is going on? Any ideas?
Vanguard do have more secondary CDs available, and I looked at that possibility, but the commission was $100, which eats up any incentive versus a new issue at Fidelity.
In any event, I will now probably replace the CD maturing later this month at Fidelity and I will need to carefully consider whether to hold CDs - especially under 1 year - at Vanguard, as they may be difficult to replace as they mature.
Take a look at Treasury Bills as an alternative. The yield is higher than bank CDs. Every broker should have a huge inventory.
Does it require more than $1M for individual investors to invest in T-bills? At least that's the impression I got when looking at the Fidelity Fixed Income site.
You can buy as few as one bond. Check the “Depth of Book” to get an idea of the market in order to place your limit order price. You pay a discounted price (eg., 99.878 = 998.78 per bond.) You get the face value (1000) upon maturity. There is no commission.

Note also T-bills are state tax exempt but Zeros STRIPs are not.
I personally bought 6 month and 12 month T-bill from Fidelity for as little as $2k. When they mature I reinvest in similar duration t-bills if the yields are appealing.

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