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What are the Premiere Services Qualifications?

I've been a 3 decade Fido client.
Here we are with self directed Premiere Services.
It's obvious to me that Fido will continue to make changes that are not in my best interest.
The Full View Debacle is the definition of that.
What defines this now defunct Premiere Service?
I'd like to maintain some level of service but I think Fido is closing the door on client services.
What are your alternatives that you use and are maintaining a higher level of those services.
What are the minimums to achieve those?
Time to vote with my feet and business.
We have been with Fidelity since 1982. They have made a lot of changes over the decades. Most of the online services we like and are able to use. We do visit our Fidelity advisor for an annual check, but it is mostly a social activity.
As far as qualifications, I thought $50,000 gets you into most of Fidelity activities and then a half a million starts the fully wealth managed portfolio for your input to a sort-of hands off portfolio.
For us, using mainly Fidelity funds, state muni bonds, CDs and a few stocks, it is nice to have everything in one place. Of course, that itself can be a risk. We self manage our Roth IRAs, taxable living account and bonds account. The only other financial activities we use are a local bank for hands-on checking account cash needs and a few credit cards through Citibank/Costco and Visa/Chase.
We never started the "full view" due to trust - where are my records stored and who has access and what will Fidelity marketing be going forward.
I do think fidelity is being smart in reducing annual fees - established accounts owners are happy and it draws in new business.
It has taken many years to increase our risk levels and develop trust with Fidelity. Maybe that is the key to all this.
Sometimes the best part of a company is to be stable and promote less changes. The learning curve is very frustrating to folks, older families too.
Good luck in your endeavors.
Not sure if this is what you are asking about - but under Wealth Management the levels appear to be $250K and then $2mil.
I guess I just haven't been paying attention. I recall when $1M in Fid got you some kind of status - basically an assigned account rep, but not anything tangible that I remember. So, now there is some $2M threshold? If there is some benefit to that, I entirely missed it. Guess I need to look into it.

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