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What did you buy/sell today, and why?

Sharing a recent buy/sell with a BRIEF reason(s) has been a usefully discussion topic on another board, and could prove useful here too. The sharing is not meant to open discussion on each holding, but to let readers simply know what others are doing and why.

Today I bought small positions in the Fid free trade ETFs: ITOT, USMV, DVY, IRY, FTEC, and FHLC to be part of a balanced buy & hold portfolio (like the Lazy Man portfolio). These allow for decent coverage of major market components at low cost.
Yesterday I bought small position of FXU and I am thinking of buying XLU and RYU to add some conservative positions. I have placed orders to sell KBWC and BIP (bearish)
Bought HTF for $25.25. It is a preferred stock with a call date of 3/15/15 and maturity date of 3/15/19. The coupon rate is 7.38% and it is not rated. I bought it for income which will be small if called early and decent if not called until 3/15/19. The issuing company seems secure to me.
I am buying higher yielding quality oil stocks to hold long-term. Might be like trying to catch a falling knife, we'll see. Oil will go back up at some point, the question is when. In the meantime, I'll collect the 4%. Everything else looks expensive
By oil stocks I hope you mean companies like XOM, CVX, and COP.  The dividends for these companies are a little less than 4% now but at some point the price of oil will increase and these stocks should appreciate making your decision a smart one.  I don't think this is as risky as you might think since the price of a barrel of oil is only a small part of the cost of a gallon of gasoline (or kerosene) and these companies will still make a profit on the refinement and distribution of the final product.  I am doing the same thing.  Hopefully, we will be able to look back someday and conclude that we made a wise decision.
Bought VIPS stock on 1-2-15 (up 9% thru this AM) and options the week before (5-15-15 $21, up 37% thru this AM). This is a Chinese ADR. The company provides on line services for the sale of discount products. Beta high at 2.2. EPS growth 198% over last year, revenue growth over last year is 127%, the highest growth rates I have ever encountered. The stock is up 164% over the last year. I have owned it, off and on over the last year. On occassion, it would hit my 12% trailing stop los and I would monitor, wait and then buy back in. So I did not gain 164% for the year, but nevertheles, was my best performing stock for 2014.
Today I did a buy/write, bought CNAT for 10.18 and sold 1/17 12.5 calls for 1.51. The 10 day profit potential was too tempting for me and I couldn't resist. Tomorrow they release trial results of one of their drugs so we'll see quickly how my trade goes. If it turns out to be a really dumb trade please be gentle when replying to this...
I bought 300 shs of EPD at $32.71 1/6 on a limit order. It executed and closed higher.

I had taken my profits & liquidated my EPD positions in mid 2014. I have been waiting to add it back. Yesterday looked like a good day to buy some. It was only a couple bucks above it's 52 week low. If it falls again, I'll average down. But I like it's over 4% dividend.

On 1/5 I added to eight fund positions. ETGLX, HJPSX, OAKLX, FSELX, FSCSX, FBMPX ,FRESX, RYCIX.
My other Chinese ADR is BITA. Didn't mention it above, because bought 12-17-14. Provides internet site bringing together sellers and buyers of cars. Return for 2014 148%. Beta extremely high at 3.0, EPS growth 148%, revenue growth over last year 51%. Went up 9.5% today and 19% since purchase. Just like VIPS above, bought and sold during 2014, as it hit my 12% trailing stop loss, waited, then bought back in. Still one of my top performers for last year.
Bought a small amount of PDI for the long-term balanced portfolio that I am creating.

It is an international dividend ETF that includes US holdings and is mostly large cap equities.

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