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What did you buy/sell today, and why?

I thought PDI was a leveraged bond fund?
Did an IRA to Roth transfer yesterday of MMP, DFS, PAGP, AND OHI. Mainly because of the oil dip. Should have waited on the OHI since it is topped per chart technicals. Guess that counts as a sell & buy as far as taxes go...

Found out from Fidelity that transfers like this are at the day's closing price but not guaranteed, since they have a 3 day float to determine transfer price. Will be watching to see if the price changes in a couple days, the cost listed right now is the day's close of my request. Their transfer form lists the previous days cost so was confusing.
Quite a shopping day, mostly in the consumer discretionary front. Bought HAR, FL, and STZ because they are flying a little lower on the radar than most. Also bough WLK and LCI. WLK has some oil business exposure, but also the lower oil prices lowers their costs. I bought DOW a couple of weeks ago for the same reason.
i bought googl when it tanked at the open. i usually avoid buying on up days especially at the open, but there was some largely insignificant news that traders interpreted as negative. some big buyers swooped in to take advantage of the panic selling and i piggybacked with them. it's up 2% since
This trade did not go my way...
I'm in  CNAT at 8.67 net debit and the price plunged to 6.20 a share (a drop of about 40% from yesterdays close).  I can close out my positions at a 2.47 loss per share or hang on awhile.  I feel the plunge to 6.20 was overdone and could make up some of the loss with more covered calls so I guess I'm in for at least awhile longer.
I felt I should make a comment about this trade since I posted here a couple days ago.  Oh well... such is life.
Bought JLL this AM. Sorta like a REIT (without high dividend, so should not be hurt if interest rates rise), commercial RE management, development, financing, worldwide. 10 out if 10 Fidelity rating. Bought LULU 1-7-15, up 8% this AM, 12% since purchase. My daughter and alot of her friends buy their workout clothes, not only for exercise but general wear. I just discovered Syneron/ELOS, which markets cosmetic machines worldwide. Caught my interest because last year developed/sells ultrasound machine that decreases fat cells. Alot less invasive than lyposunction. Market cap small at $400 million. Potential market huge.BUT stock jumped $2 from $9 to $11, 1-8-15. So have put on my Watch list to monitor.
Bought ISTB (Fid free trade short-term bonds ETF), EMB (Fid free trade emerging mkt bonds ETF), and THOPX (free Fid trade MF of short-term bonds) to be holdings in the Fixed Income part of my Lazy Man balanced portfolio. Am mostly going with short term-bonds at this time and might rebalance them later.

Bought OSM (a floating rate preferred that matures in early 2017) and RSO.A (a high yield/risk preferred that is callable in mid-2017 and has no maturity date. OSM is being used as a proxy for Fixed Income instead of bonds for now, and RSO-A is for the preferred holdings in the income portion of my portfolio.
I finally jumped into the oil patch, after selling my 3 oil related stocks last Sept. I figure we've got to be nearing the lows in oil. I did not want to get near the oil servicing stocks, (eg. drillers). So I bought LINE, which owns 6 billion cubic ft. of gas reserves and 18,810 operating wells. Over the last year it has gone down 68%, from $33 to $10. Last month the dividend was cut in half. They have now stated they are targeting a 12% dividend for 2019. So pays me to wait for a rebound in oil prices.
This 1-15-15 I bought OCN, which services residential mortgages and some commercial. Has been in the news this week: CA announced that OCN has not provided certain information requested and as a result, the state may cancel the firm's licensing to do business in CA for one year. CA constitutes 25% of their portfolio. They would be forced to sell their CA portfolio, (which would not be so bad, because would generate significant cash that could be redeployed). OCEN contends that they have provided the information and that they continue to work with CA to resolve this matter. It is my opinion that there us no way OCEN will not provide any and all information required. OCEN has plumetted 87% over the last year, from $50 to $8. Earlier the CEO was forced out, causing stock decline, but new CEO OK. Market cap $880 million. PE low @ 6. There are 126 million shares outstanding, with 20 million short (16%), which could cause short squeeze. Price to book a low .5, compared to industry average of 1.5. I read that the book value is $13, but I don't remember the date of that computation. But I am confident the book value us well above current stock price of $8+-. Pays no dividend. So being a contrarian, on occasion, I dove in with both feet...
I opened 2 short puts for expiration tomorrow in HD. Trying a new strategy with this one.
I also rolled 2 short puts from 1/16 to 1/23 in Anadarko Petroleum (APC). Both were in-the-money. This is my 4th weekly roll in this position, and my BEP is now $2 or so below the underlying price

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