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What did you buy/sell today, and why?

I raised my holdings an additional 50% more of TG Therapuetics (TGTX) on Monday afternoon. This is a bio pharma firm showing excellent clinical results in testing its own drugs with another company's drug in the treatments of MS, lymphatic cancers, and other autoimmune diseases. Their drug(s) are proving to be "best in class" as well as "best tolerated".  I am long on this company for years and have owned it in the 4's. I has more than doubled this year thus far. 47% of stock is owned by institutions. Second half of 2018 and the year 2019 ought to be exciting for this company. Not only do I expect to do well with this stock in the long term as they say that they intend to bring their products to market themselves, but I expect this company to help relieve some serious suffering of people who had no prior hope.
Bought into the Canadian preferred fund IPFF.
Opened a position in Taiyo Nippon Sanso (4091:JP) an industrial gas manufacturer and subsidiary of Misubishi Chemical Holdings.  Trading at a significant discount to US peers Praxair and Air Products & Chemicals.

Quality core earnings and operating income.  Growing internally at home (Japan) as well as overseas, especially Asia & Oceania.  Fifty percent of income from Japan, 22% from US and 16% from Asia.  33% gross profit, 10% operating, P/E 14.4, focused on gases used in metallurgy, chemicals and electronics.  
Given the Middle East all it will take for oil to go up is some Mullah coughing in his hummus or a ship sunk by a lunatic in the Straits of Houmus.  Oil has a finite future but that is 50 years away and in the meantime the roads are clogged by conventional cars.
I sold Sprint and bought T Mobile.
XON  CVZ and COP are great companies- very well run and good for shareholders.
F may be a good bet with a good dividend.
Added 300sh. T today. It is down to the lowest with prospects soon....I target $40 before end of year and div. is not bad at all.....
I am buying FTR .  going crazy today.  still think it has a long way up. any opinions.
Also, FTRPR.  Is it too good to be true?
please help with this decision?
After 15 to 1 reverse split and cancelling the dividend FTR has a tall mountain to climb. Got some shares when AT&T was doing the splitsville and forgot about them. Stuffed them in a drawer and forgot them but in retro should have sold them. C'est la vie
A lot of you seem to be buying plunging stocks for the dividend yield.
Isn't there a chance that those companies will be reducing their dividends?!
T wants to buy Time Warner to try to move towards their next cash cow.  Their wire-line business became a commodity a decade ago (home phone a couple decades ago), the current cash cow is cellular but that's been under pressure for years with it becoming severe pressure in the last 4 or 5 (think about when you paid per text message! or got crushed on data overages).  Their technology is moving towards it's inevitable commoditization.  Way too slow for my preference because they fight it constantly.  In the end they need to adapt.  Cloud?  Taken (Amazon is the 800 pound gorilla, with MSFT a contender, Oracle a pretender(?)).  Solutions?  Not working that well for IBM (maybe that's execution).  Delivery of content?  They've been moving that way.  Time Warner would enable them to also collect on the content that they are trying to deliver. 
I own T and I'm hoping for a successful Time Warner acquisition.  I will slowly find the door if it is not unless they have some secret they are hiding as to what will drive that dividend in the future.
Closed a painful position in Ventas and took a loss.  They have successfully exited skilled nursing, and now they are going to address their senior housing portfolio.  I just don't have the patience to go along.  Need some growth with that dividend.
Reallocated a portion of the proceeds to Huntington Ingalls HII on today's dip.  I think they are one of the better defense names.  Their margins may drop a bit as they take on larger projects, but they have a moat and funded backlog.  I like them for the long haul.

Put the remainder in cash and continue to look outside of the US.

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