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What is the best investing advice you would share with beginning investors?

Mine is: Learn about Trailing Stop Loss (%)
Agree!  Don't be afraid to take losses.  Free up that cash for a better choice.
Do your own research, don't rely on rumors, friends.......if I can add another pick a strategy and stick with it.
Fear the losses!!! Discipline trumps conviction "EVERY TIME"! Do the homework!! BE patient!!
Open up a Roth IRA, buy Apple, reinvest dividend. Don't look at it for 20 years.
First, consider the first part of the old statement "Cut your losses and let your profits run." I use stops, stop-limits, and trailing stops as discipline to help me cut my losses (or to harvest a profit when the stock is on the way down). Also, when a profit quits running, look carefully at the stock and at the market and, maybe, sell - I have never been as good at this as I think I should be.

Second, if you have knowledge in a particular area and are able to judge the product or its popularity a little ahead of the market, consider some investing in that area. Husband and I have both had some big winners in engineering/computers/tech. But I have seen people lose in this area because they are too invested in their original judgment - you need to learn which you are.

Third, if you build a bond ladder and are not an eight digit billionaire, consider CDs (depending on the interest rate) but stay under the FDIC limit.

Fourth, if you are someone who contributes a lot to church/charity, open a Charitable Giving Account and consider transferring some of your profitable stocks that are not in a sheltered account and that you would otherwise sell to that account. Learn about it so you do it correctly - you can save a bunch in taxes and you always have something ready to give to a special project.
Have a strategy in place before you open a trade. Reevaluate the strategy consistently until you get out of the investment!
Be more aggressive when you're young. I was way too conservative investing for too long and now I've moved to aggressive when it is riskier for me.
Use your workplace retirement plan to full advantage, especially when matching contribution involved. On the outside, pick a steady mutual fund (my choice many years ago was FCNTX) and invest in it regularly or set up automatic investment plan. Reinvest distributions. Gain some experience and start spreading money across different investment classes. Good option now days will be some free trade ETFs. Open Roth IRA.

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