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What is you cash (equivalent) percentage today?

I am looking at this somewhat like the taper tantrum of five years ago. The market does not like higher rates, but we all knew this was going to happen. Tensions with China seem to have exacerbated lately, but with agreements reached with Mexico and Canada, there is likely to be greater focus on trying to reach an agreement with China.

Moreover, Trump does not want to see the stock market tank indefinitely ahead of the midterms. The performance of most fund managers is trailing the market, which often means they will buy going into the end of the year.

It would be unhealthy not to raise rates when there is low unemployment, strong consumer sentiment and economic growth. And inflation does not appear to be out of control. Rates are being raised "gradually."

We have been waiting for a correction. This does not have the same feel as the volatility selloff earlier this year.

This to shall pass. (I hope I am right).
87% stocks and high yield; I've owned and dripped this stuff so long, my yield on original investment is in the 9.5% range (some positions exceed 35%) . I could not care less if stocks drop 50% tomorrow, I am a yield/income person. Same with my real estate portfolio I have built up over 20 years; some of it has doubled in value, some have lost value, but they yield around 11%. Until T-Bills toss off 10-12% I am staying put. I'm too dumb and stubborn to sell.

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