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What's the forums thought on buying back into Apple?

I am thinking of adding to my position. With news that Warren continues to buy, as well as other prominent hedge funds, is Apple ready to resume it's climb?
AAPL has been such a sure bet so far that it got us accustomed to seeing almost zero volatility. Now we are seeing volatility (nothing compared to other stocks I hold) and we are questioning the investment.

To put things in perspective: We are seeing prices down to May-June of this year after a 250% rise in 5 years. I would challenge people to find such a good investment elsewhere with similar (low) risk.
Yes, the past 5 years has been amazing for AAPL. But hindsight is 20/20. The question is, if one was to put new money into AAPL at this point in time, what are future expectations for growth and earnings?
Nate,  I think you know no one can answer the future earnings and growth question. An answerable question is whether AAPL continues to be a good investment. For me it is a resounding yes. Another question you asked is whether to put new money. It depends on your situation. If AAPL is already a substantial percentage of your portfolio (substantial depending on your risk tolerance), then the answer is no. If not, then move in slowly until you acquire that comfortable percentage. I do not time the market.
Not a apple holder but following the oracle has a proven track record. Apple,Amazon etc r game changers  IMHO. Stocks over bonds and buy on weakness should make money depending on your investment plan. buy a boat and drink cold beer. stay the course.

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