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What to do in this crazy stock market?

What is everyone doing with the high volatility we have had lately? Anyone selling, trimming?
I have been following my mechanical strategies, most of which have me in cash at the moment. There are a couple which have started to buy some bond etf's and a couple have been selling due to hitting trailing stop loss values.
Set your hair on fire, but do not trade.  Me, sitting tight, all cash.  So what if this the bottom.  Ya get back in a little late.
But what if there is another 10-15% down?
Same as I did in '08, wait and get paid...
I am an investor. I ignore the volatility. I have some cash to invest (from tax loss harvesting). I am eager to get it working, but I am not there yet. I will be buying--just not exactly sure when. We are down 10%. If we fell another 10%, I think that would tempt me too much, and I would deploy everything, but I know it doesn't work that way. No one rings a bell.
Since I am a very long-term dividend investor, I think I will decide when current dividend yields on the stocks is "good enough," and then take the plunge. Example, PAYX is yielding 3.3%, with a forward yield in five months likely at or above 3.5%. That is really getting to be close enough for me.
Net, I am buying, not selling. Just not there yet.

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