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What to do with $500K?

Look up the David Swensen porfolio.
Start with 25% invested over the next 4 years.
I'm not crazy about Emerging Markets so maybe switch it with your favorite sector etf (Energy, Financials, Technology).
It's simple but works.
Don't need to over think it.
Asset Class Allocation Percentage
Domestic Equity 30% (ITOT)
International Equity 15% (IEFA)
Emerging Markets 10% (Change for something else you like) - Since I like Fintech, I went IPAY
TIPS 15% (TIP)
U.S. Treasuries 15% (Lots to choose from - usually intermediate gov)
REITs 15% (IYR)
Ps. You asked what I would do. This is my answer because this is what I did when I inherited $50k. Reinvest the dividends if you want. I collect mine and buy more for a re-balance. I never sell.
Your plan seems reasonable.
However, whatever you decide, I would recommend that you put your money to work for you. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Personally, I think that the risk-adjusted returns from equities is worthwhile in the long-run.
Good luck & great profits!
Indeed.  I have been less invested than I should have been for a few years due to my own personal situation and missed some big gains, but you can't really look back and regret a decision that seemed reasonable and responsible at the time.  Hindsight is 20/20.  There is also value in being able to sleep at night and not worrying yourself to death.
Right away when this money showed up, I put it in several short-term (2-4 month) CDs, so I still have a month or so before deciding which direction to take with the first batch.
In the meantime, any other suggestions from anyone are welcome.  Thanks to everyone for their comments so far.
Yes, for sure. Never look back on the financial decisions that you have made. You probably made these decisions with the best information available AT THAT TIME. There is no use in second-guessing yourself. Just like in golf, the next shot is the most important one. Don’t dwell on the last one. Good luck & great profits!

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