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Where do I put cash account since SPAXX doesn't pay anything now?

I just noticed today when I looked at my interest payment for my cash account held in SPAXX shares only pays .01% now! Any recommendations on what to do with it now?
A good question! My only thought is that we are not losing money.
If it's in your taxable account, and unless you're planning on using it very soon for new investments, I'd suggest moving the cash to an online bank savings account, many of which are currently paying 1.50%.

Ever since the Fidelity money market funds (such as FZFXX, which I had been using for my core position in my taxable account) stopped paying any meaningful amount of interest, I've held very little cash in my taxable account and have instead kept it in an online savings account. When I want to make an investment and need more cash than I have in my taxable account, initiating a transfer (from Fidelity's end, not the bank's) gives me an instant cash credit to my account that I can use right away.

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