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  Rollover to Roth Before Year End?
Posted by: SilverAg47 - 12-28-2020, 07:31 AM - Forum: Retirement - Replies (2)

Many discussions on this topic thorough out the year but time is running out.  I thought I was clever in March when, after the crash, I took my RMD in kind to get more shares transferred for the same dollar value, allowing for more growth opportunity in the recovery.  Good move but then requirement for an RMD was removed so I rolled the distribution back and am now neutral for the year.  Looking to 2021, I now see an RMD requirement of over $100k thanks to having no withdrawals this year, being a year older, and achieving a 20% return again this year.  That means next year I must take the $100k RMD before even considering a Roth rollover.  Should I rollover to the Roth now and thereby reduce the 2021 RMD?  I know every time this question is asked we talk about Medicare costs and SS tax but none of those apply.  I am in the 22% tax bracket and bumping to 24% is not enough  different to matter to me.  The next jump is to 32% and that is huge but will not kick in until income hits $326k; I must stay below that.

I am planning under the assumption that taxes will never be lower than they are today.  By the rule of 72, my current rate of return will double the value of the T-IRA in 3.6 years (minus MRDs) and I will have to pay taxes, at higher rates than today, sometime.  I am leaning toward exhausting the 24% tax bracket before year end and would appreciate opinions.

72t calculator

  Guidance on Retirement Expenses
Posted by: raindrops - 12-19-2020, 01:35 AM - Forum: Retirement - Replies (3)

I plan to retire next year at 60. My current expenses are about 100K every year (Gross).

My question to folks who are already enjoying retirement is - If I want a similar lifestyle in retirement, what percentage of the 100K should I plan for in my 60s, 70s and later. Being self employed, I already pay for my health insurance, so that should not be an issue till I can claim Medicare at 65.

I have heard numbers from 70% - 110% thrown around.  So, wanted to hear some sage advise from folks who have real life experience.


  FGDFX - Fidelity Disruptors Fund
Posted by: aetherie - 12-11-2020, 12:28 PM - Forum: Funds - No Replies

FGDFX is a new fund that M* places in the large blend category. I have been "test driving" the fund in my 2020 Challenge Portfolio over at the M* Discussion Forum with very encouraging results. Comparing it to SPY over its short history shows an excellent risk/reward profile, however the mangers are unknown to me:

                   Total Return    Max DD    Sharpe     Std Dev
FGDFX             25.8%         -3.1%       3.0           16.0
SPY                 13.4            -6.1          1.7           15.5
According to Fidelity, the fund's "disruptive strategies seek to identify innovative developments that could signal new directions for delivering products and services to customers. Generally, these companies have or are developing new or unconventional ways of doing business that could disrupt and displace incumbents over time. This may include creating, providing, or contributing to new or expanded business models, value networks, pricing, and delivery of products and services."
Normally, FGDFX invests in assets of five Fidelity funds that concentrate in the following areas, respectively:
- automation
- communication
- finance
- medicine
- technology
I am considering using this rather intriguing new fund in my personal portfolio, perhaps up to a max. of 10%. Would appreciate comments or suggestions from investors in the fund, or others who may have followed or have knowledge of the fund.

  FZDXX - Fidelity Money Market Fund
Posted by: aetherie - 12-11-2020, 12:21 PM - Forum: Bonds - Replies (1)

I just figured there was negative interest rate for FZDXX (0.36% Expense ratio and 0.1% 7 day yield)... I was blindly transferring my uninvested cash in FZDXX without thinking of current interest rate environment. I want something equally liquid, but at least provide some interest without much principal erosion... Can you experts please help me? Thank you.

  What is your favorite dividend stock for a long term investment?
Posted by: aetherie - 12-11-2020, 12:16 PM - Forum: Long Term Investing (Greater Than 1 Year) - Replies (1)

What One Dividend Stock Did You Buy This Week for its long term dividend, and Why  OR  What One Dividend Stock Did You Sell This Week, and Why?
Please include name of stock & symbol and price paid or sold.

  Are You Using Fidelity as your Bank?
Posted by: Trudie - 12-02-2020, 09:55 AM - Forum: Savings - Replies (2)

I have Joint Cash Management and Brokerages accounts with my spouse. We use the Cash Management Account as a bank account and pay virtually all our bills thru Fidelity bill pay. My spouse and I both have Roth IRAs and Rollover IRAs at Fidelity. How may others here consider Fidelity to be their lead bank - we do..

  Best suggestions for higher dividends?
Posted by: Trudie - 12-02-2020, 09:37 AM - Forum: Income - Replies (2)

I have various CEFs, BDCs, REITs, etc....but was wondering if there is something that I am unfamiliar with or have been unable to find yet that might have over say 6% dividend (prefer higher) that is NOT an MREIT and fairly safe in the current market. I am okay with volatility and risk to some extent but I am looking at this in a more long term scenario (prefer constantly increasing dividend even if a small percentage). Anything like this out there? I have been having to wait out my MREITs to break even and want something more stable but still a nice return if possible. Suggestions??? I plan on these being in my ROTH and Rollover IRA accounts.


  Long term investors: What DIVIDEND GROWING stocks do you like (Return & debt load)?
Posted by: Trudie - 12-02-2020, 09:31 AM - Forum: Long Term Investing (Greater Than 1 Year) - Replies (1)

My point here is to identify steady income growers for the long haul that are relatively stable and that have good future prospects. CSCO and BAC are examples.

  Inherited IRA (Non-spouse)
Posted by: evanc - 11-29-2020, 02:48 AM - Forum: Estate - Replies (1)

My mother is alive and doing well and my father passed away in 2020.  As the executor/trustee of my parent's estate, I wanted to make sure I understand inheritance rules for the three IRAs that are in my mother's name:

1. Rollover IRA - I understand with the passage of the SECURE Act, non-spouse beneficiaries have 10 years to complete IRA distributions following the death of the account owner.  This account it straight forward

For the following two accounts, my mother inherited these from my father:

2. Roth IRA - if my mother's children inherit this account:
   a.  Is the 10 year rule applicable per the SECURE Act; or
   b.  Since my father was the original owner would not spouse beneficiaries have to take RMDs?

3. Traditional IRA BDA - if my mother's children inherit this account:

   a.  Is the 10 year rule applicable per the SECURE Act; or
   b.  Since my father was the original owner would not spouse beneficiaries have to take RMDs?

  Where do I put cash account since SPAXX doesn't pay anything now?
Posted by: frugal_c - 06-17-2020, 01:43 PM - Forum: Income - Replies (2)

I just noticed today when I looked at my interest payment for my cash account held in SPAXX shares only pays .01% now! Any recommendations on what to do with it now?