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Converting to Roth - ? method to pay additional taxes

I've done the research (thank you forum members), I've run the numbers, I've made my decision, and now I'm about to pull the trigger and create a 'backdoor' Roth which will be funded by my IRA distributions over the next four years.  (Times 2, as I'll be doing the same for my wife's 401k).  I estimate I'll owe an additional $30k in taxes for 2018.  I'll cover it from a taxable account.  Question:  What is the process to pay this additional amount?   I'm hoping it's as simple as just adding it to my 4Q 1040 Estimated payment.  (And next year I can spread it over all 4 estimated payments.   Are there any 'gotcha's' in my thinking?  Something else the IRS may require?   I'm a TurboTax user as my taxes are very straightforward.  I'd like avoid involving a CPA for this seemingly simple matter.  Thanks!

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