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Mortgage Qualification While Retired

Can anyone recommend a source of an approximate $750K "Asset Based Depletion Mortgage"?
We are finding it hard to qualify for a mortgage because at age 66 we are retired with no regular paycheck.
We have tried to work online with Quicken Mortgage but were assigned to someone that seems pretty unfamiliar with anything but a typical paycheck borrower.
For example, we have chosen not to start receiving social security income yet, though we could receive $4500/mo if we started today. But apparently Quicken wont count it because it does not show on past income tax filings. We do have over $3 million in retirement savings, but since we have chosen not to withdraw up to now, they do not count as income.
I went to my local credit union, showed my last 2 years income tax returns, most income from 1099s, and voila I got approved for a mortgages.  I previously applied online and got nowhere with a nationally know mortgage company because I don't draw A Paycheck.  Just my 2 cents worth

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