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Achieving Financial Freedom & Early RetirementOver my lifetime there has been one quote that my Dad has mentioned at least 1,000 different times.

“You have two choices!  You can work for your money, or you can have your money work for you!”.

For most this is easier said then done.  I created this site to help others with their path to financial freedom.  I hope to do this by proving useful tools, resources, and personal experiences.  Click Here To Continue Reading...

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Financial Management Basics

Proper financial management is arguably the most important skill any business or individual must master in order to be successful in the short term and long term. Anyone responsible for managing their business resources, from freelancers and full time traders to multinational corporations and small businesses, will not last long unless they learn to strategically control optimize their business finances. For individuals looking to create long-term wealth, the same is also true.

What is financial management?

Financial management is more or less what it sounds like: managing your finances. This involves controlling every stage that your financial resources pass through. Financial management therefore includes planning, raising, organizing, controlling, administering and monitoring capital and other financial resources in order to meet the objectives of the business, organization or individual, in the case of personal financial management.

With good financial management procedures in place, your business will be able to use its financial resources effectively and efficiently towards short-term and long-term goals, ensure long-term financial stability and sustainability, and gain an edge over your competitors in the same niche.

Basic elements of financial management

Proper financial management can be loosely broken down into these four basic elements:

  • Financial strategy
  • Revenue plan
  • Financial management system
  • Internal financial management environment

Developing a good financial strategy

Your financial strategy is basically a highly specific plan to get you and/or your business from where you are now to where you want to be. A good financial strategy must realistically examine your current financial situation and any relevant factors influencing that situation; otherwise, you will have no way of knowing what needs to be done to reach your objectives.

Speaking of objectives, you also must have clearly defined goals for the short term and the long term. Without a specific and well-articulated idea of where you want your business to be, and over what time-frame, you won’t be able to create a successful plan to get you there.

“How to get you there” can be fleshed out in the second element, your revenue plan. But it also must involve considerations like the potential risks your business will face, and how you will deal with those risks, as well as how to balance your need to continually spend and reinvest in your business with the very real need to have a savings plan.

Creating a solid revenue plan

Hopefully you already have at least a vague idea of how you plan to generate income. This will be vastly different for everyone depending on the field of their particular business or organization. The point is, without income, your business can’t grow, and you will have an easier time bringing in that revenue if you have a plan of action ahead of time.

Basics of financial management systems

Like your revenue plan, your financial management system will depend on your particular business or organization, but there are a few principles that are universally important for a successful financial management system, including consistency, accountability, integrity, and good record keeping.

A good financial management system will help take some of the guesswork out of decisions that involve how to best use your (often limited) resources. It involves tangible things like creating reasonable budgets and deciding where to allocate your capital, and also more abstract concepts like reflecting on whether the system makes it easier to make these decisions effectively, keeping your business’ financial goals in mind and putting them in the context of your financial management system.

Create an effective internal environment for financial management

Lastly you need to determine the various roles and responsibilities that are needed to effectively and consistently implement your financial management system, who will be responsible for each of these tasks, and how they will work cohesively towards the business’ common goals.

Fidelity Active Trader Pro

Fidelity Active Trader Pro

Understanding how to use the Fidelity Active Trader Pro will make your life so much easier.  On top of that, you’ll be able to quickly find what you’re looking for.  In this article I’ll review Fidelity’s Active Trader Pro Platform in addition to showing you some of the features.

Start Forex Trading Without An Investment

Start Forex Trading Without Investment & Day Trading Forex

Forex is an acronym of Foreign Exchange, and Forex Trading is the global business of trading of currencies from various countries against each other. The foreign exchange market also known as FX, currency market or Forex. All of the larger international banks are major participants in Forex trading.  So, is it really possible to start Forex trading without investment?  What about Day Trading Forex?  The answer to both of these is yes you can!

Typically Forex trading is performed by the brokers, in this business you have right to choose the currency pair that you expect to change in the value and trade accordingly. As a Forex trader, you have to place an order through broker then the broker passes the order to their partner in the Interbank Market and fills your place. In case, you close the trade the broker closes your position with the loss or profit during the trade.

Start Forex Trading Business? Why Should I?

No matter what is your actual business you can do it from home as part-time, if you know how to do business and survive in the market, start by day trading Forex. It requires practice and knowledge of different markets you want to work with.

Day Trading Forex is Easy With a 24-Hour Market

As a Forex trader, you can choose your own hours to work from the morning in Australia till the night in the United States. The Forex market never sleeps, so you can join Forex trading as a part-time business, but you must have some amount to invest. You can find your peak hours to do Forex trade according to your regional time.  Find out how to combat inflation!

Low transaction costs

The physical Forex markets require large amounts to invest to survive in the market, on the other hand, online Forex trading doesn’t require anything like this. You can make transaction cost under 0.1% under standard market circumstances, and the larger markets can bid as low as 0.07%, so it depends on your investment in this market.

No commissions

As a Forex trader, you don’t need to bear expenses like brokerage fees, exchange fees or government

Stock Profit Calculator

Stock Profit Calculator That Allows You To See Different Scenarios

fees. Most of the retail brokers compensate for their services, so they don’t require you the commission.

Just like other businesses, day trading Forex also has scammers who are just like a black sheep in this field.

Before you start Forex trading, you need to avoid them, following tips helps you to avoid from Forex scam or fraud.

Google the product and research for it: If you see a new product that offers high-profit, search about it in Google, for example: write “product name scam” if the results yield with too many results don’t go with it.

If it looks too good: Websites that offers high-profit, keep in mind there’s no easy money in this market.

Scamming websites usually have one page with big/blinking $ sign and serious explanations.

Demo account: As a beginner you need to care for the demo accounts. You must ask from the people who have experienced the field to start a demo account.

Check the people on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with a wide audience. People who looks new to the Forex and from whom you might have scam risk then they can be searched out on LinkedIn. By checking their linked profiles you will know that whether they are trusted or not.