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Anybody investing in Cannabis?

Does anyone know who if there is any Cannabis stocks in any mutual fund portfolios?  Healthcare?
I've been watching cannabis for some time.  Can't say anything good about the penny stocks.  Keep an eye on CGC, TLRY, GWPH.  Still really too soon to see.  Everything you hear is promising to some degree.  When you really check it out there is a lot going on.  Just have to waite it out and do the research which is not that easy. Eventually there will be some mergers and acquisitions.  Canada seems to be taking  the lead so far.  The problem now is getting through all the regulations in each state and jurisdiction.  Than we will have lift-off.
Search around for a bunch of threads on the topic. https://www.investors.com/news/marijuana...n-boehner/
I am not a fan, well in the product, when people start saying "safe" and other lies. In WA, where I live - guess who will pay higher insurance rates, directly related to increases in accidents?

Watch for consolidation.
I don't do individual stocks anymore but if I did I would take a position in a pot stock. My sister is in her 70's and still smokes pot. Hard to believe. buy a boat and drink cold beer. stay the course
cannabis stocks ?  My advice buy HIGH sell low  Big Grin Big Grin
(11-28-2018, 12:38 AM)cm1988 Wrote: cannabis stocks ?  My advice buy HIGH sell low  Big Grin Big Grin

I don't mean to be BLUNT, but that's the wrong way to do it.  Big Grin Wink
I would like to but too volatile for me so far.
Keep in mind what happens when everyone wants to "jump in on a good thing."
Hundreds of companies jumped into E-commerce in the late 90's and believed they didn't need any kinds of revenues to be wildly successful. That of course led to the dot-com bubble and crash, and the bankruptcy of most of those companies, which in turn had the greatest effect on the ETFs specializing in them.
Many of the companies participating in this MJ bubble are on shaky ground, and even the day before Canadian legalization aren't showing signs of recovery, such as
I bought a boatload of pot stocks last January and lost a boatload. I was a;most down 30% when I sold. When the price of acbff went down below $4. 80 in August I bought back in. I've made all my money back and then some. Timing is everything which includes knowing when to get out.

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