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As a 24 year old investor how would you allocate your 401K investments?

Funds available:

- S/P 500

- Mid Cap: Growth, Equity Value

- Small Cap: Growth, Equity Value

- International: Growth, Equity Value

Current allocation:

- 30% S/P 500

- 30% Mid Cap Value

- 30% Small Cap Value

- 10% International Equity

Rationale: I'm thinking it could be a good idea to tilt towards value until we see a market correction. When a market correction occurs I'll change my contributions towards growth (not swap my value for growth, just change future contributions).

I'd be curious to hear what others have to say and other potential strategies for someone my age.
Your current allocation looks reasonable. I would suggest adding about 30% bonds if there are any bond funds available, and re-balancing whenever you're feeling really good or bad about how any of your investments are doing.
I tend to believe the big dogs will beat up the small dogs over time. Leverage, pricing, balance sheets, scale, branding, ect. And you have 40 years worth of time. So I'd throw 20% of your small cap at the S&P 500 for 50% exposure. I like the value plays here as they have been down for awhile. Buy low and sell high. So I think you're good in the value spaces. If you want to continue the contrarian view point, you should put more toward international. They've been beaten up for years. Eventually they will come back. When they do you can sell high. Just so you know where I'm putting my 401k money currently (put my money where my mouth is):

20% S&P 500 (VOO)
20% Nasdaq (QQQ)
20% Dow Jones (DIA)
16% International (ADRA & FEU)
24% CASH (CD's & Money Market)

High CASH position because the market is at an all time high. Waiting for a substantial pullback before I deploy more of it in the funds I already own.

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