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Did you or will you move to another state when you retire? If so why?

To be with family?
To escape state income and property taxes?
What other reasons?
If you did move; what were the pros and cons?
Any regrets?
I'm dying to leave NJ, but I have to convince my husband.
We moved to a barrier island near Charleston, SC and pinch ourselves every day. Fought Northern Virginia traffic, congestion, crime, etc., etc. too long. Lots of folks have moved here from Jersey. Its takes them awhile to adjust to the laid back pace and then they never want to leave:-) We look at hurricane season as an opportunity to try a different resort every few years and are really philosophical about it.
Come to central Ohio!
R.E. taxes 20% of N.J.
New house, same size, was half of house of house sold in N.J.
We even have a sign that says, Welcome to Ohio.
Will be looking for you.

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